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Customer Acquisition

In today’s market, competition is always increasing. Companies and brands cannot survive with just maintaining their existing and current customer base. Consumers are constantly tempted by competitors with lower prices or better offers. While doing this, competitors lose money lowering their prices, but gain new consumers. They have to stay competitive with pricing and customer service while fighting to continuously build their customer base. To us, that is a Win/Lose situation. At H Acquisitions, that is not the case for our clients! Our proven business strategies have consistently reduced the cost of gaining new consumers for all the clients we are partnered with. While reducing the cost of sale for each account what we gain is beneficial, we provide many more superior services on their behalf.

Business to Consumer

Right now, there are advanced methods of marketing in the world of communications, but these methods always change. There are radio advertisements, TV commercials, and telemarketers always trying to attract consumers. On the other hand, our team at H Acquisitions uses a personalized approach to attract consumers. As much as the traditional methods of marketing still have success, we have found that our approach of live presentations and one-on-one interactions with our customers are more effective and less expensive.

Events and Promotions

Every company should have a business and a marketing plan. Events and promotions is a key weapon in both plans. Our goal is to convert shoppers into buyers as consistently as possible. Our team utilizes these events to promote our client’s brands and guarantee a constant flow of potential customers. Once a client tells us what their vision is, we tailor to their needs and wants, and add in our flair to promote their product.

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