H Acquisitions Review the Top Storytelling Brands

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Consumers want to feel an affinity with a brand, that they can trust it. They want to know that their investment of time and money in a brand is worthwhile. Storytelling is essential for a brand to be successful. A positive identity for a brand can help grow profits, brand recognition and customer loyalty. Here, H Acquisitions review the impact of storytelling on UK businesses.

“Customers like brands with a big and well defined personality”, said Esteban Falcon, manager of H Acquisitions. “If brands aren’t communicating effectively with their consumers, they can quickly be forgotten. Standing still isn’t an option in today’s market. Even if your business has a good legacy imprint, it’s important to keep reaching out to customers to ensure that your brand personality remains at the front of consumers’ minds.”

Customers surveyed were asked to rate brands on a list of criteria. These included brand personality, credibility, memorability and purpose. By combining these results it’s possible to ascertain which brands are telling their story most effectively.

It’s not just retail brands that benefit from storytelling. “The lesson to be learned is that creating an authentic and strong brand personality is all important”, said Esteban Falcon. “Making your brand memorable for all the right reasons, will ensure that you’re the first choice for consumers who are looking for the products and services that you specialise in.”

With the growth in social media platforms, it’s important that the message conveyed by your brand is both strong and consistent. H Acquisitions themselves are proud of the strong brand personality that they’ve built up. They can help you tell a positive story as well, and ensure that your brand character becomes just as powerful.


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