H Acquisitions Review the Benefits of Creative Thought

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Creative thinking can come up with revolutionary ideas to transform any business, but are employees being encouraged to think creatively, or are their obstacles in their way that prevent them thinking creatively? A study by Marketing Week found that only 30% of employees thought that they were given enough time to think creatively at work. H Acquisitions review this study, and look at the positive impact that creative thinking can have in business.

“Every employee has the potential to think creatively”, said Esteban Falcon, CEO of H Acquisitions. “Every department, not just marketing, can benefit from creative thinking, but if staff are prevented from thinking creatively, the business could be missing out on important new ideas or systems. It’s essential to foster an atmosphere that encourages creativity, and rewards creative thinking by all staff members.”

The study shows that 45% of employees strongly agree that creative thinking is important to the success of the business they work for, with another 32% agreeing with the statement. Only 5% either disagree or strongly disagree with the statement. Whilst these staff members are keen to bring their creativity to the fore, many of them feel they’re prevented from doing so by the blocks that they face. The most common barrier, cited by 33% of those surveyed, is lack of time, with company culture coming next with 17%. If staff are made to feel that they’re not encouraged to think creatively, or even actively discouraged from doing so, then they could become demotivated or disconnected from the brand.

“Too many workers feel that they have to be able to give tangible evidence of a return of investment, before their creative thinking is considered”, said Esteban Falcon. “This shows an outmoded way of thinking that could prove costly. When businesses realise the benefits that creative thinking can bring, they can work to remove the barriers their staff face.”

30% of employees state that the main method of creativity used by their company is brainstorming. In many ways, however, the brainstorming process has become clichéd and can prevent truly creative thinking. Revolutionary new ideas have to be adopted, where workers are constantly encouraged to come up with new ideas, and new ways to work. Creative thinking also extends to new ways to find and approach customers, and can help your sales strategy succeed. The creative thinking that H Acquisitions encourages, can create new and higher quality leads for your marketing campaign.


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