H Acquisitions 7 Tips for Reducing Anxiety

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1. Make Work Tasks A Game – Many work environments have boring, menial tasks. An easy way

to reduce anxiety is to make your work more interesting or a challenge. For example, time

yourself to see if you can complete a task in a timely manner or how many bookings per hour you

can complete. Not only can you make it a challenge for yourself but you can also involve your

new co-workers! Compete to see how many bookings, callbacks, etc you both can complete

within a given time which allows you to not only reduce anxiety but also increase your

comfortability at your new job by making cordial associates.

2. Work Stories – Creativity has become essential within the workforce. If your work provides you

with humorous or nightmare instances, make it your priority to create dynamic stories out of

them. Do not allow your anxiety to overwhelm you but look at every situation that gives you

anxiety as a story to bring home to write something interesting about. Turn each negative

experience into a positive one!

3. Turn to your co-workers for support– As a new employee, your co-workers will have all of the

answers! They have experienced first hand the new environment you are walking into. Ask

questions or create new buddies to confide in if you are unsure. If you do make a mistake in

completing a task, it is alright! Just ask for help from your co-workers to ensure the best results

for your next attempt at your next task.

4. Make smart stress-busting food choices and minimize sugar carbs– The food you intake can

take a tremendous toll on how you feel and perform. Eating frequent health meals, for example,

can help your body maintain low levels of blood sugar, which will ultimately increase your

energy and focus. In contrast, low blood sugar can make you feel irritable. Food such as caffeine,

alcohol, trans fats and foods with increased levels of chemical preservatives can affect your mood

tremendously, therefore, try to avoid eating those foods.

5. Use your breaks to rebalance yourself– Breaks are intended to give you a break! Avoid talking

or thinking about the pile of work waiting for you on your desk and take this time to rebalance

yourself. During this time listen to your favorite tunes, watch a segment of your favorite clips or a

funny video. This will allow you to have a stress free lunch break therefore when you return back

to the pile awaiting you on your desk you will not be overwhelmed or discouraged.

6. Prioritize and organize your mornings– Proactivity is essential in every task! Instead of waiting

to pack your lunch in the morning be proactive and pack it the night before to avoid rushing.

Another fantastic tip would be to iron your work gear and lay it out for the morning, therefore, it is

tangible when getting up. Mornings tend to be a busy time therefore in order to make your

mornings less chaotic let’s be proactive and make our mornings as smooth as possible by

preparing ourselves the night before for the next day. The very last way to reduce anxiety before

stepping into a new workplace would be to give yourself enough time to travel to work without

rushing, therefore, plan to be to work 10 minutes prior to your start time therefore if mishaps

happen you will be on time instead of running through the doors attempting to avoid being late.

7. Confidence– Lastly, be confident in yourself and your new team. College is over and you have

prepared yourself efficiently for this position, therefore, be confident in your work and the work of

your co-workers. Be confident in your decisions and act accordingly so others can be confident in

you as well. You’ve got this!


Common causes of stress in the workplace:

1. Fear of being laid off

2. Lack of control over how you do your work

3. Pressure to conform to your work environment due to you being a new employee

4. First Corporate job out of college

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